Printable Product Lists

​​New Chemic (US) Inc. represents 19 Chinese API manufacturers that produce a wide range of antibiotics, anthelmintics, and other active pharmaceutical ingredients. Click here to download a comprehensive list of these manufacturers. (Must have adobe reader installed to view)
Our extensive line of animal health APIs is our largest focus at New Chemic (US) Inc. Our products are sold across the U.S. for use in treating livestock as well as companion animals. Many of our APIs are used to manufacture water soluble powders, solutions, pour-ons, and products for injections. Our customer base ranges from well-known Fortune 500 companies that are leaders in the industry to smaller, privately held companies. Click here to download our latest full line of veterinary APIs.   
New Chemic (US) Inc. supplies generic APIs in a number of FDA-approved formulations used to treat a variety of medical conditions.  In addition, we have many APIs under development.
New for 2018! Click here for an expanded product list.
New Chemic (US) Inc. offer a comprehensive selection of natural food colors, the majority of which come from plant extracts such as purple sweet potatoes, black carrots, red cabbage, red raddish and beet root. Almost all are non-GMO, Kosher and organic. Click here to download our product list. 
Through our extensive network in China we are able to source a wide variety of nutritional supplements and vitamins used in formulations you'll find on the shelves of your local pharmacy and health food store. Some of our products have found their way into formulations used to treat livestock. Click here to download our extensive list of offerings.
We carry a large line of OTC pharmaceuticals such as Aspirin USP, Caffeine, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, Doxylamine Succinate, Omeprazole, Guaifenisen, Phenylephrine HCl and Dextromethorphan HBr. Many are DMF products manufactured at GMP sites. Click here to download our product list. 
Over 100 DMFs and VMFs filed with CDER and CVM
Over two dozen APIs currently under development
Broad spectrum of APIs in over 100 approved ANADAs, NADAs and ANDAs
All regulatory compliance work including attendance at FDA GMP inspections performed "in-house."